Choosing the right accountant or accounting firm can be challenging.





Choosing the right accountant or accounting firm can be challenging.


Unfortunately, taxation is a major cost to business. You cannot let it prevent you from achieving your goals nor can avoiding it be a goal within itself.

You’ve worked hard to create profit from your business, don’t throw it away by paying more tax than is due.

Your taxation can cause a difficult cashflow problem. You need to be confident that everything has been done that can be done to minimize the cost and that the cost can be met by the due date. We can ensure you adopt the best taxation and accounting policies that can save you significant amounts of tax and avoid those unpleasant unexpected shocks.

You may wish to incorporate your sole trader business or partnership in order to minimise your tax or you may wish to consider other alternatives. Whatever is decided we can work with you to ensure your tax affairs are arranged in the most tax efficient manner possible. We can provide innovative and flexible solutions to taxation problems which can easily be adapted as circumstances and legislation changes.

Modern business demands up to date accurate financial information. We can assist with the preparation and interpretation of year end and periodic management accounts for tax, business appraisal and for borrowing purposes.

Our primary object is the success and prosperity of our clients. We are committed to giving personal attention in a cost effective manner and where possible we give an estimate of our fees before commencement.

For business clients our first consultation is free. Our practical pro-active advice assists businesses to increase their profits and minimise their taxation. We can prepare your financial statements for taxation, analysis, budgetary and borrowing purposes.

We possess a vast area of industry knowledge and provide a wide area of services in a prompt, timely and efficient manner. By building personal relationships we can adapt our services to reflect the individual need of each of our clients and tailor our services accordingly. We can guide you through the maze of taxation legislation to ensure the very best results.

No business is too small. Many of our clients own home based businesses to which we provide the same degree of attention as our larger clientele.

One of our specialties is our large number of property owners who negative gear for taxation purposes.

Over the years we have helped many people who had no previous experience in property acquisition to become highly successful property owners. With our network of associate consultants we have been able to guide our clients through the maze of real estate, building, legal, taxation and banking challenges to reach their goal of financial independence.

In short, our consultants can arrange everything for you including the Australia-wide search for a suitable property, tailor made to suit your budget.

Initial conference is free. Our doors are always open to anyone who simply wishes to discuss present or future possibilities of acquiring wealth through property.

Many people miss claiming depreciation on their investment property. As this claim usually results in large refunds it is of utmost importance to have the paperwork prepared professionally.

We are proud of the wealth our existing clients have created through property by following our practical advice on this subject.

Freedom Taxation Services is one of the few accountancy practices that understands and specialises in multi level marketing businesses.

We have prepared many hundreds of tax returns over the years for multi level marketers, and understand their goal of becoming financially independent with a handsome residual income.

We relate to the concept of deriving income whilst sunbathing on a tropical Island or touring the world on a cruise ship.

We believe that a profitable MLM business should not need to rely on cumbersome paperwork, costly tapes and books or the requirement to attend lots of meetings. When considering a multi level marketing business the questions that need answering are “What will it cost in time and money and what will be my financial reward?”

Apart from understanding the somewhat complex taxation implications involved we have also studied at length many of the various compensation plans and products of this diverse industry.

Why not take advantage of our free consultations on this subject. We would certainly recommend you doing this before succumbing to an enthusiastic acquaintance who may advocate that by joining their particular organisation you will receive free entry into an orchard of money trees.

Self managed super funds (SMSF’s) are an increasingly popular option for investors seeking greater control and flexibility of their superannuation. At the same time, you need to consider the wide-ranging reporting requirements and compliance obligations when deciding if a SMSF is right for you.

As the ultimate legal responsibility for ongoing compliance rests with the trustees, it is important that trustees utilise the help of professionals. At Freedom Tax, you will be dealing with professionals who can provide a comprehensive accounting service for your fund. We are experienced in setup, compliance and audit, and can help you in all these areas.